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Full compliance with the 2010 Standards is required only for new construction and alterations.
Elements in facilities built or altered before March 15, 2012, that comply with the 1991 ADA Standards for Accessible Design (1991 Standards) are not required to be modified to specifications in the 2010 Standards.

12 Categories of Public Accommodation Facilities:

  • Places of lodging (e.g., inns, hotels, motels, except for owner-occupied establishments renting fewer than six rooms)
  • Establishments serving food or drink (e.g., restaurants and bars)
  • Places of exhibition or entertainment (e.g., motion picture houses, theaters, concert halls, stadiums)
  • Places of public gathering (e.g., auditoriums, convention centers, lecture halls)
  • Sales or rental establishments (e.g., bakeries, grocery stores, hardware stores, shopping centers)
  • Service establishments (e.g., laundromats, dry-cleaners, banks, barber shops, beauty shops, travel services, shoe repair services, funeral parlors, gas stations, offices of accountants or lawyers, pharmacies, insurance offices, professional offices of health care providers, hospitals)
  • Public transportation terminals, depots, or stations (not including facilities relating to air transportation)
  • Places of public display or collection (e.g., museums, libraries, galleries)
  • Places of recreation (e.g., parks, zoos, amusement parks)
  • Places of education (e.g., nursery schools, elementary, secondary, undergraduate, or postgraduate private schools)
  • Social service center establishments (e.g., day care centers, senior citizen centers, homeless shelters, food banks, adoption agencies)
  • Places of exercise or recreation (e.g., gymnasiums, health spas, bowling alleys, golf courses)
Both a landlord who leases space in a building to a tenant and the tenant who operates a place of public accommodation have responsibilities to remove barriers.
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