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Digital signage is currently deployed in multiple applications in various industries. A digital sign is an electronic display that's used to show advertisements, product information, menu boards or other messages. Most digital signs take the form of LCD displays. The use of digital signage is found in both passive and active applications.

Passive applications include background environmental signage (i.e. video walls, music videos, etc.) as well as internal communications to employees.
Interactive digital signage (IDS) lets the viewer engage, often using touch screen LCD displays. IDS is useful when you have more than a one-dimensional message to convey or any message where the viewer needs to express what areas are of interest to them. Active applications include kiosks, wayfinding, and custom build to order sales tools.
Custom Enclosures
We can design & manufacture and enclosure solution to best meet your needs. Select from a variety of materials and finishes and personalize with full-color logo. 
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Surface Wall Mount
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Recessed Wall Mount
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Video Wall
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Free Standing Desk
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Custom Directory
Design Enclosure
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Floor Stand
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How does it work
A digital signage system consists of three parts - the display, a small computer called a "media player", and software. The software allows you to setup and control the content you want to appear on the display.
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Digital Signage Software
  • Included PC software for easy wireless content management
  • Integration of popular calendar and scheduling applications
  • Weather, news, social media feed apps
Content Services
  • Updates from desktop computer or provided tablet - internet required
  • Templates to facilitate content design
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